Distance Learning Master’s Degree

A distance learning master’s degree might be a great compromise for working people looking to get ahead. They might be interested in returning to school to increase their chances of a promotion or to get a pay increase. It may also be mandatory as part of an individual’s professional development requirements. They may be looking to change to a career where a master’s degree is required.

There are several reasons to choose learning from a distance. It allows anyone to balance family and work while achieving educational goals. Distance education allows students to have more connection to their instructors. They work directly with instructors to plan coursework and get their questions answered. Distance education benefits people with different learning styles. Since distance learning is typically self-paced, a student can take a more time to complete coursework. On the other hand, a fast learner can breeze through it.

Online learning has come a long way. Now, traditional universities offer online degrees. That gives telecommuting students access to the same education as traditional students. Additionally, there are schools dedicated exclusively to online learning.

Distance Learning Master's Degree

It is important to make sure that the program choice is accredited. If the program is not accredited, many employers will not recognize it and the student’s hard work will go to waste. An accredited program will help the student afford the degree. Without accreditation programs are not eligible for government tuition assistance like Federal Student Aid. They may also find it difficult to get traditional scholarships. Employer tuition or assistance programs, most likely, will require that the degree be accredited.

A simple search on an accreditation agency’s web site will indicate whether a school, degree, or program is accredited. National accreditation agencies are the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education and Accreditation. There is also an accreditation service specialized for the distance learning sector, the Distance Education and Training Council. Each region also has its own accrediting agency.

A distance learning master’s degree is not the right choice for everyone, however. Completing an online degree requires strong time management skills, discipline, and dedication. To find a distance program simply perform a basic Internet search. Many sites search the web for a program based on zip code or level of degree. Some familiar names include the University of Phoenix and Capella University. One of several traditional schools that offer a telecommuting degree is Colorado State University.