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Martha Mary

The world calls me Martha, the do-er

do the housework
do the marketing
prepare the meals       
serve the meals
drive the kids to here and there
applaud performances
cheer in the stands
man the refreshment booth
work at home
work outside the home
babysit the grandchildren
be other-centered
volunteer, volunteer, volunteer
join a worthy organization
serve on a committee
raise money
pack food baskets
bag clothing

Martha here, Martha there
Martha, Martha, everywhere

Jesus calls me Mary

come away, he whispers
spend time with me
put all your do’s aside
be God-centered
contemplate, contemplate, contemplate
look, really look at God’s wonderful Creation
listen, listen carefully for God’s love song
watch, watch closely for signs of God’s presence
wait, wait for God expectantly
rest, rest in my love
drift, drift on the tranquil waters of your imagination
dream, dream of my Eternal Kingdom

Mary here, Mary here
Mary, Mary, only here

for only if you are Mary, Mary here with me
will you have the strength to be Martha, Martha everywhere

- Gloria Ziemienski
- September 23, 2001


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